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Switching Power transformers are a central part for switching power supply applications. The frequency for those transformers is between 1kHz upto 100MHz with power between 1 Watt to 500 Watt. We design and manufacture application-specific power transformers applications for the OEM marketplace. Ascend Electronics will work with you in your design of your power transformer or custom magnetic product from prototype through full production. Our engineering team and extensive resource inventory provide us with the design capability to produce functional prototypes and high quality production parts in days to meet your production schedule.


Power Range 1 Watt to 500 Watt (standard)
Input Voltage Range 1 Volt to 600 Volt (standard)
Output Voltage Range 1 Volt to 600 Volt (standard)
Multiple Input and Output Configuration Available Tap, multi coil, etc.
Frequency Range 1kHz to 100MHz  
Temperature Class 100°C, 130°C, 180°C  
Other configurations are available.
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